About me

On the road once again… the next airport, the next country, the next city. As a rule, carrying not a lot of luggage, just voracious curiosity, hunger for new experiences and a sheer passion for travel.

Born in Bulgaria, Mr. Doukov, or simply Ludmil, as everybody calls him, left the homeland early, back in the 90-ies to start a new life and his own tourist business in the Holyland. Years later he moved with his family to France and to this day resides in Paris, but – as a true citizen of the world – spends huge portion of his time on the road. Visiting literally every spot on the Earth. Submerging himself in local cultures, bravely tasting the local dishes, making countless new friendships. Free of any prejudice and bias, he visits each country with an open mind and the most positive of attitudes.

“I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way.” – Carl Sagan

Some self-recharging, tireless spirit unsettles that traveler within, constantly urging him to seek out the unknown. Ludmil has no choice, but to answer this call of the wild inside himself and to set out to explore the world, drawing invisible bridges between different cultures and civilizations.
This blog will try to document his epic travels and to share curious, funny and sometimes… dramatic moments with a discriminating reader as yourself. Abundance of photos will add more spice and authenticity.

Just bookmark us and enjoy!

The Ludmil Doukov team